At the foot of pristine, peaceful mountains with rivers
Brisk breezes blow through the trees
The sunlight from above shines over the land of Tamozawa and brings forth life
Magnificent mountains, lush green trees, majestic waterfalls
Come and have a graceful time
Opening the gate of a sacred land, welcome to FUFU Nikko


Sophisticated Japanese Style

Atmospheric interior, elegant architecture, beautiful Japanese lighting fixtures, rooms with different styles
Let yourself unwind in a land with magnificent nature and history


Savor a graceful moment

Enjoy seasonal fragrances and the scenery of the changing seasons.
Guests are welcomed with seasonal blessings, including locally sourced ingredients cooked in Fufu Nikko’s style.



Rest your body in hot springs

Private hot spring in all of the rooms drawn from our own hot spring source.
Listen to the murmur of rivers, chirping of birds, and rustling of leaves.
Take time and warm your body slowly.

  • Hotel Facilities

FUFU Lounge

The grand nature stretches beyond the lit-up garden
Enjoy afternoon tea and alcoholic beverages at Fufu Lounge
The souvenir shop is lined with original goods and local specialties
The hospitality of Fufu Nikko offers a one-and-only experience

Fufu is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sound from the rivers Located next to Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park, visitors can spend a leisurely time while admiring the seasonal sceneries.