A Place To Savor Time

Mountains dressed in beautiful colors of the four seasons. Gentle and delicate water that moisturizes the area.
Next to the Tamozawa Memorial Park surrounded by the sacred atmosphere,
this Nikko Resort standing in the open sanctuary offers power of ground,
healing and energizing the body and soul of our guests.
Each FUFU is unique. Experience the charm of Nikko at FUFU, a hotel filled with stories and memories.

Enjoy elegant aromas and a refined experience. Opening the gate of a sacred land.

Welcome to FUFU Nikko.

Rebirth Rooted in this land
Rebirth Rooted in this land
Rebirth Rooted in this land
Rebirth Rooted in this land

FUFU Lounge,
The Invitation from Evening

Walking through the entrance, you will be guided by classical music to FUFU Lounge. While looking at swaying flames, have a seat in the spacious and comfortable sofa to enjoy different situations - from an afternoon tea, aperitif, a drink after bath or before bed.

Discover the Magic of NIKKO Final Stop on the Silk Road, 1300 Years of History
Discover the Magic of NIKKO Final Stop on the Silk Road, 1300 Years of History

Spending a Valuable Time

Black tea of FUFU original blend with elegant scent of yellow petals, mature flavored black tea with fragrant rose wine, decaffeinated and relaxing herbal tea, and FUFU Nikko original cocktails are served here. Enjoy your valuable moments at FUFU Lounge.

The Scent of Ink Organic,Highly Moisturizing Skin Care

Highly moisturizing bath amenities
with the scent of spring flowers

We are committed to bringing our guests organic, highly moisturizing facial and body care with a pleasant scent. Presenting Japanese amenity brand YOKOU, with its original spring flowers' fragrance.
Fragrances linger in the memory and bring back memories from the journey.

Restaurant Next to the Ukimi-do Pavilion Tekisui,a Traditional Eatery Overlooking the Park

Japanese Restaurant Setchu and Teppanyaki Kou
Serve with the Classic Japanese-Western-Style

Seasonal ingredients including local produce are collected from all over Japan, and three major delicacies of Japan and the World are also incorporated.
Please savor the elegant full course of Japanese cuisine and Teppanyaki that are only available at FUFU Nikko.

Experience NIKKO Sightseeing and Activities

Sightseeing and Activities to Experience Nikko

Sightseeing and activities to experience in the crisp air of Nikko.
The guests may enjoy new experience including the visit to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, cycling, or enjoy a cup of matcha at the historical Japanese tea house, by just leaving it all to the town and nature of Nikko.


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